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An innovative Hand Truck Helper & Mini Storage Pallet for use in homes or businesses! Dolly Pal is the most versatile mini pallet available in the marketplace with endless uses and features.

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The secret to Dolly Pal is its proprietary, weight distribution system, that keeps your stack of boxes organized and balanced while you go from room to room, home to home, warehouse to truck and more!

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Elevate. Organize. Protect.

Use this innovative mini pallet to elevate, organize and protect items!

Perfect for Residential or Commercial Use

Use Dolly Pal as a Mini Storage Pallet to store items in a home or business. Dolly Pal protects stored items from water damage, insects and more!

Store More on The Floor

Dolly Pal is the perfect space-saving solution for storing items of all shapes and sizes as it supports over 800 lbs of weight! And, it won’t rust like aluminum pallets!

Elevate Your Stack To Save Your Back

Use Dolly Pal while operating a dolly – offers a wider and more stable platform to load boxes. Elevates a stack of boxes 1.5 inches off the ground, giving two-way access for the blade of the dolly. Dolly Pal evenly distributes the weight keeping your items safe and your back, too!

Stay Safe and Reduce Injuries

Dolly Pal eliminates the need to bend and secure the load of boxes and was designed to reduce strains and injuries related to the traditional maneuvering of a dolly! Make your workflow safer and easier with Dolly Pal!


Pool Area
Mud Rooms
Dry Storage


Small Businesses
Grocery Stores/Markets
Restaurants/Walk-In Freezers
Art Galleries
Printing Shops
Distribution Centers
Delivery Trucks

Our Customers Include


“This product is so convenient! It’s very light and strong too. Moving/transporting stuff just got a lot easier. No more tipping stacks of boxes over precariously and jamming the dolly blade under. Just stack the boxes on the “Dolly Pal” first, then slide the blade under it. Simple!!”

“This made life so much easier! Just right to keep the boxes on. I am a disabled senior and this is just the ticket to stack firewood on to bring inside!”

“Very convenient and sturdy!”

“They worked well for moving large plants in and out for the winter. Easy to clean up and very sturdy.”